From work challenges to family matters, the one thing I have seen over and over again, is the closer you step into your purpose, the more resistance you will get. Resistance builds character and character must be formed so that we may be mature and complete.

I am by nature a calm and serene human being, slow to anger and probably one of the most stable people you will meet. But what do we gain by simply being ourselves? You have to constantly push yourself harder, out of your comfort zone, because that is where the ultimate happiness and freedom lies! In trying new things!

This year I am trying RED. Not the color, but everything the color resembles. Passion, love, fire, success, energy, extremes and ADVENTURE!

Your mind is powerful. Your mind can do anything that you set it out to do. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. But make no mistake, any given success is not earned by simply waiting for it, you’ve gotta work, work, work!

Ask yourself this week, how powerful am I? Then do something about it.

… and whatever you do, do it with PASSION or not at all.

We live in exciting times! Upon entering Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa, I did not realise that I would soon be starting out new ventures, but as I was starting to do some soul searching and meditating on God’s word, God gave me four words. Persevere, Upcycle, Royal, Elephant. At the time I did not understand how they would  later on connect until I wrote these four words down and they formed the word PURE, whereafter I received the scripture that Gold is refined by the fire. This is where #PureGold was born. A foundation focused on upcycling products and teaching women creative skills in order to creat jobs and opportunities to be able to change their lives as they know it. These women had to persevere through tough times, they are royalty and in everything I do, I carry the spirit and characteristics of the elephant. She is a mother,  she nurtures her children and raises orphans. She’s gentle and kind. Independent and Strong. She’s a gentle giant in her community. She is Pure Gold!