As an optimist I see the beauty of life in everything and everyone. I am passionate about South Africa and raising pioneers to make a stand in our country and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. My aim in life is about helping and empowering women to get educated and qualified with creative skills in order for them to change their circumstances.

"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire"

Many times we are tied with a tiny rope around our legs, like the elephant, believing that we cannot break free and should confine to how we were raised, but I am here to break these trapped mindsets and helping you walk in your destiny and become the great elephant you were created to be. Free to roam the earth, independent and strong, patient and kind, nurturing your own and to be the gentle giant in your community, because you are #PureGold!

Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa 1st Princess 2018
Model |Motivational Speaker | MC | Mentor
TV Commercial Adverts | Presenter | Actress
Social Media Marketing
Ambassador for Rainbow Riders NGO

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